Not Alone at the Kids’ Inaugural concert (720p)

Wow. Does anyone remember seeing this for the first time? For us oldies it must have been what, Summer of ‘09. There was this adorable curly headed kid dinging his heart out in a musical put out by a group called Starkid, a musical theater company from University of Michigan.

How many of us thought “Damn, that kid has pipes,”? How many of us inhaled all of Starkid’s other stuff, because we just couldn’t get enough of these amazing individuals? And then their golden boy got casted on Glee, and we gave that show what is probably the biggest bump in their ratings. And then he got a leading role on Broadway! And so much more acclaim for his talents, in everything he’s set his mind to.

And now he’s singing again, for the President. The same song that pulled at our heartstrings. That same song that told us exactly what we needed to hear. Darren’s music and lyrics touched us, and still do. It doesn’t matter how or when you found him. You did find him. And so did the rest of the world. They found his voice, his words, his music, and his message. 

How much he has done in the last 4 years is astounding, watching him on this journey has been such a joy, We love you Darren <3 Happy Belated Birthday

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It was like, this is so presidential. Not only are you telling me what I’m doing wrong, but you’re telling me how to do it better.

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D: In typical Criss fashion, he’s wearing my clothes. ‘Chuck is that my shirt?’ ‘Nope.’
C: I had to borrow your shirt…the pants are mine though! But now we’re wearing the same pants so…
: We’re brothers. (x)

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Darren Criss and Walt Witman’s Soul Children of Chicago rehearsing

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Photos from the Darren Criss Baboo doll. [source]

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